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New Life Furniture Masque

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If you have a piece of furniture that has been so badly neglected then New Life Furniture Masque is the solution! It removes that buildup of grime, white water marks and mold that you usually would never expect to get out. It is also an excellent leather and vinyl cleaner. Several of our customers call […]

Schwinn Bicycle

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Schwinn is by far the most well known American bicycle manufacturer and many older models are highly sought after by collectors. The company was helmed by someone with the last name Schwinn for 97 years. In 1963 the Stingray with the banana seat, chopper style handle bars & sissy bar, like the one pictured here, […]

Antique Steamer Trunk

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Antique Steamer Trunk

This Antique Steamer Trunk is exactly like the one you would have used if you had crossed the Atlantic on the Titanic. Except you would most likely be dead, as the Titanic sank. And dead people, as you know, do not need steamer trunks. Dead people don’t surf the Internet looking at websites either, but […]